Santa Barbara County Limousine is proud to have not only our own party buses, but a premiere affiliate network to fulfill any type of limo or coach bus need throughout Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. We have carefully screened and selected only the best bus companies to partner with. Our network was established to meet the growing demand of our customers’ party bus needs. We are proud of our network’s reputation for providing world-class service to our customers and are confident that we maintain the highest standards.


1- How Far In Advance Should I Book A Party Bus Rental?

The sooner the better… it’s easy to do, so why wait and be disappointed? There is a big demand and a short supply of good party bus rentals in Southern California! The good ones rent up quickly for weekends and well in advance for high-demand occasions like concerts, academy awards, and Rose Bowl games or other major sporting events! Prom, winter formals, and homecoming dances are some of the other really high-demand times. Our best advice to you is… if you’re making plans to rent a limo bus; book it early for the best selection.

2- What’s In The Party Bus Rentals?

  • MegaWatt Sound Systems
  • iPhone/smartphone hookup
  • Entertainment Systems and Screens (most)
  • Neon Lighting (most)
  • Laser Lighting (some)
  • Restroom (some)
  • Stargazer Ceiling Lights (some)
  • Lighted Floor (some)
  • Privacy Partition
  • Mini-Bar With Water & Ice
  • (Bring Your Own Booze)
  • Dance pole / stripper pole
  • Blackout Shades (some)

IMPORTANT! Not everything is in all of the party buses we offer but most of the equipment listed above is in most of the party buses! If you see something on the list above that you simply MUST have in your limo bus rental please ask the reservationist if that item is actually in the bus you want to rent before you book it!

3- Who Provides Alcohol In The Limo Bus Rentals?

We found that supplying mass quantities of alcohol for 20, 30, or 50 people was driving the rates through the roof! Also, you can’t please all the people all the time so someone always wanted something we did not stock. So we learned from experience people would prefer to supply their own alcohol and get a cheaper rate on their bus rental! So that’s how we roll now! We supply the limo bus… You supply the booze. Unless of course, you are under 21… In which case… NO ALCOHOL for you!!

4- Who Has The Best Party Buses In Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, & Orange Counties?

If ever there was a subject we could write a book on it would be party buses! We’ve seen some really yucky party buses in SoCal… they are old buses with low-end sound systems and cheap-looking interiors… They rent out for about $100 per hour. And we’ve seen some really expensive, really awesome party bus rentals in SoCal… they rent out for about $250 to $350 or more per hour! So as you can see party bus rental rates are all over the map but who has the best buses In SoCal?

Well honestly… (long drum roll) it’s not us! We chose not to buy the really awesome party buses because they are just too expensive and we know from experience there are only a very few customers who are willing to spend $350 and up per hour on a party bus rental in SoCal or anywhere else! And we also know from experience that the large majority of customers do not want to party or be seen in an old, possibly unsafe, relic of a bus just to get a really cheap party bus rental…

So the party buses we choose to offer are right in the middle! You get a very reasonable rate, a very nice looking SAFE party bus, a smooth ride, and all the fun electronics like Blu-rays, iPhone/smartphone hookups, and a powerful sound system plus plenty of water and ice for the booze you bring on board! And you get a friendly, experienced party bus driver to help make your event a blast…

Ok so looking back…maybe I was wrong! When you add in really nice looking buses, very reasonable rates, and all the electronic goodies and FREE mini bar items plus a friendly, experienced party bus driver maybe we do have the best party buses in SoCal!

5- How Do I Compare Party Bus Rates?

Well you could just call a bunch of companies and ask for a quote! That’s what we do! And that’s what the other companies do too! It’s boring, time consuming and frustrating but we call each other and pretend to be customers then ask for a quote!! That’s why party bus rates are all pretty much the same! Espionage in the Party Bus business! It would be laughable if it wasn’t so annoying! See, when you call, you have to answer the same questions over and over again: how big a bus? How many passengers? What day, date, time? How many hours? Where do we pick you up? Where are you going? How long are you staying? So why do we do it?

We do all that to save you time and to offer you a very competitive price quote for the party bus you want to rent! See, by knowing what party bus rates and prices other companies quote customers for Party Bus Rentals, we keep our prices right about even with theirs! That’s why we can offer you our exclusive best price booking guarantee…


Ready to grab a party bus to Vegas? Call us… we love Las Vegas Runs! And taking a bus to Vegas is a really fun way to start off a Vegas trip! Forget about flying or driving… boring! Call us and book a limo bus to Vegas! Live the lifestyle of the young and the restless!

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