Letter From Our CEO

Dear Future American Luxury Limousine Client/Family Member,

The key to our success is customer service, plain and simple.  In fact, our goal is to provide such good customer service, that you are excited to become our long-term client and refer new business to us.  To do so, we expect all our clients to hold us accountable and demand the very best from us! My staff is committed to providing YOU with the very best service, not what’s best for OUR bottom line!  I strive to provide you more value than what you’ve paid for.  In a world that has become void of true customer service, we take great pride in our dedication to the highest quality of it, delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit.

I truly believe that we offer the best available limousine transportation in Southern California and I will stand behind our service. If you can think of other ways we can improve our customer service or services we provide, by all means, let us know! I accept the challenge!!  But the fact of the matter is, our customer service is second to none.  It’s about providing for your needs for as long as you’ll let us and earning your trust, respect, and referrals for years to come. If you ever have any concerns, feel free to contact me personally at our Ventura County office at 805-494-8353 or send me an email at mark@aluxurylimo.com

I look forward to hearing from you,

Mark Christiansen

American Luxury Limousine, LLC.

Owner/Chief Executive Officer